With the help of our software Payview TM you will be able to arrange commercial broadcasting of the video and audio content or to organize the online consulting service. If you are a physician, lawyer or a qualified specialist or you just want and have something to show to the audience, then this software will be mostly suitable for your needs.

A brief description of the pay per view system with Payview software

The first application of Payview software is:

1. Chargeable online consulting of the customers for physicians, lawyers and any other qualified specialists.

2. Commercial education.

3. Commercial show of the live content.

*The applications of the program are not restricted by the above mentioned areas. The software Payview can find its application for any kind of real-time broadcasting that is related to commercial prupose on the basis of pay-per-time principle.

The main advantage of the program Payview is the mentioned above ability to accept payments for broadcasting video and audio streams, as well as text chat.


Technical data of the Payview system

Publishers, Marketers, Content Owners
Web Developers
End User
Playerless reach 93% installed base. Passes through firewalls & proxies. Avoid the effort and cost of maintaining players on desktops . Any updates occur at server level not at user level. More time for other projects. Nothing to download or configure. Payview™ just plays.
# of viewers Unlimited number of concurrent viewers, so your audience will always see your message Unlimited simultaneous streams. Content is always available, minimal waiting. Instant play. Always on.
Reliable payment gateway - Paypal TM. You are able to accept payments from your customers directly. No commissionary from our side. Get everything that you've earned.

No additional programming is needed for integrating it into your web site. Just simply add the link into the web page.

You are able to change the design of the pages on the server side. This is really simple!

At last you can trust the service provider who is using Payview. He does not have an opportunity to collect information about your credit card any more. All the information about the transaction is stored in TM web site. You control your expenditures yourself. You are able to buy the exact time that you want only.
Hardware Payview ™ requires no special hardware . Install on your existing computer and reach your audience. Low cost Works on IE, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Safari as well as most popular email clients.
Customizable Full control over look and feel with 100% control over creative. Create own web page design. Compatible with Javascript, CGI, SQL, etc. APIs available for custom solutions and product integration. Site visitor likes the site and experiences the impact of the site visit
Implementation Minimal & decreased developer costs. Save time on project development and launch. No complex programming. Easy & simple parameters. Nothing to install. Payview™ just plays.
Security Content is encrypted to your site, therefore protecting your content investment. Security tools are easy to use. With the SID, your content is protected and protects your bandwidth Playerless means no spyware, no security holes, no computer crashes. No viruses.
Tracking & measurement / metrics Understand your target audience, site visitors and recipients. Better demographic information. Track all via CGI & standard HTML weblogs. Tracking is anonymous - your privacy is not being violated. Non-intrusive.
Caching Decrease your bandwidth costs Save money ; manage only your webserver Repeated playback is quick
No downloads Reach your audience via e-mail or banner, even reaching those Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo recipients. Don't need to separate lists into groups!! Customer will view your message!! Success. Payview ™ just plays
Quality Reach your audience with the highest quality video. Highest quality MPEG 4.0 video without need for a player Highest quality MPEG 4.0 video
Standards-based No special servers required. HTTP 1.1, Java, Javascript., UNIX, Linux, Mac, Windows, Java devices Installs on any PC. Everyone can view
No upgrades Recipient or site visitor stays at your site Recipient or site visitor stays at your site!! You see what you want with no tracking, reboots
Reliability during peak periods Near 100% quality of service at peak periods Successful implementations I can see the broadcasting


What is needed to start broadcasting? (How to...)



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