For best results we recommend to use the hardware for capturing and digitizing the video of the high quality. Usage of the low-quality hardware may cause diminishing quality and bad parameters of the broadcasted video and audio signals.

Video signal sources

Web cameras

It is recommended to use the web cameras with the CCD matrix and USB 2.0 or Firewire hardware communication interface.

The maximal end-point resolution of the cameras is very important. Despite the fact that the signal is processed and diversed with the quality loss into a low-resolution one, still it is important that the incoming signal (the source signal) is of good quality for the system.


Home and Professional cameras with digital interface

There are quite a lot of the Home Use or Professional digital cameras with the Firewire interface. They are able to provide good quality of the video signal. We consider them to be the most optimal solution for capuring video. Achieving the higher quality of the video has no sense, as a rule, as the losses at compression make the difference to "null" in the incoming signal quality.

Besides, the digital cameras have good optics enough to provide the good quality signal. Very often they are provided with the built-in lighting device.


Analogue signal cameras with the video capture card

They allow achieving good enough quality of the video image. But their use is not much reasonable due to the fact that the quality of the signal, they give, is practically equal to the web cameras. Moreover, the web cameras cost much cheaper.


Satellite TV-tuners, TV-tuners, video tape recorders etc.

Our software allows capturing from practically any external video signal source. Simply select it as the source for broadcasting.


Audio sources


As the audio source it is recommended to use the external microphone for directional capture. It allows avoiding side nioses and echoing. The built-in microphone of the video camera does not provide the decent quality of the sound, as a rule.




*Do not forget that web cameras do not posess good optics, as a rule, and it is very difficult to achieve good quality video with them.

**We recommend you to read manuals and additional information about lighting. Very often good lighting makes watching optimal and allows getting more detailed image of a subject to be shown, a scene, and makes impressions of the viewer better.

***Do not forget about microphone. The built-in microphone allows getting a low-quality sound in most cases. The most optimal is use of the microphone with directional capture. Usage of this type of the microphones avoids side nioses and echoing side effects.

**** Do not forget about noise isolation in the broadcasting room. A wide range of side noise effects will be reduced with this significantly.

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