Now you are able to arrange your own video chat with your customers directly in your web site with the help of Live Site TM. By this the last obstacle between the seller and buyer within the Internet online business is eliminated. Your customer is able to see the goods really live and clarify the details of the purchasing he is interested in.


A short story about online live video support system Live Site

Ebay friendly!

I would like to tell you about the idea of creation the software LiveSite.

Once upon a time I've come around onto I was just interested in mobile phones Nokia 8800. This kind of telephone has the retail price something like 1200 dollars. That's why I thought to myself: why not?

I typed the name of the product in the search string. And suddenly, "O, miracle!", there was the seller who promoted 30 phones for 2500 USD for the whole! I have counted the potential income from the wholesale of 30 phones. 20000 dollars means not bad for a day, that's why I made a bid.

It is good that I've not coped with time to pay for these ill-fated phones. I must honor eBay for their fast reaction. They sent me the letter that the deal was the fraudental one. As I've cleared it up later, somebody steels the users' accounts on eBay. And now even having good feedback of the seller is not a guarantee for the security at making your deal. It was the occasion for me to notice a huge amount of other suspicious lots.

And how will you buy a car or the goods that cost dozens of thousand dollars without seeing it? My company has been working on systems for broadcasting video into the Internet for some years and I've decided to create really useful product, which erases the last border between a virtual online shop and the real world.

LiveSite gives you, as seller, the opportunity to enlarge your sales many times more. You get the huge competitive advantage: the buyer sees your goods with your own eyes!

It is pretty simple to build in the video support into your web page within eBay or within your own online shop or a web site. Paste some lines that are being automatically generated by the program into the html code of your web page and add a clear description for the buyer.

Being an owner of the online-business you are able to build in the video support system into your web site. The advantage of LiveSite is the outstanding quality of the broadcasted video, some special features for arranging online sales or consultation services, and the wide range of the potential customers. Enliven your site right now!

LiveSite for the buyer is the assurance in his purchase without any mistakes and his awareness that he would not be fraud or made a fool of the purchase. Request for security – you have all rights for that. Do not have any contacts with the seller out of the auction bounds. You take risk to be fooled up and, moreover, it is forbidden by the auction regulations.

Get acquainted with the sales rules in eBay and use our LiveSite system. I wish to the sellers to have growth of the sales volumes. And the buyers let have successful purchases.

Roman Kolkov

Webcast Corp.


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